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The First Apple Watch Charging Station & Stand, DODOcase

Apple just announced their new product line, Apple Watch, which is scheduled to be released early 2015.  The main reason Apple has given for the release delay is to allow third-party apps “catch-up” and create some amazing apps with Apple are taking advantage of this delay and creating new products for the Apple watch and DODOcase is among the very first to announce a new product – The First Apple Watch Charging Station (& stand if you ask me).The charging stand for Apple Watch will be custom crafted in California made with reclaimed California orchard walnut and will launch alongside the Apple Watch in early ’s some features of the new Apple Watch Charging Stand:Made from Reclaimed California Orchard WalnutAmerican tanned…
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What’s on the Market in Wearable Tech

There are magical scenes in Star Wars where Luke Skywalker presses a small button on his wristwatch to communicate with some faraway it’s to produce an apparition out of thin air, to signal his base camp, or to gather battle statistics, he can do it all. The watch is even more magical than the scenes, but the concept was way before its time. When Star Wars first came out, the idea of communicating with other humans through a device that could fit on a wrist was unfathomable. Now, with the evolution of technology at the point it’s at now, much of Star Wars has become a to the advancement of technology, the world is growing increasingly digital. Getting information no…
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