Temple Run 2: Start ScreenTemple Run 2 by Imangi Studies, the squeal to one of the most popular games on iOS original Temple Run, was launched just a few days ago and is already the number 1 free app on the Apple Store with over 34 thousand reviews and a solid 4 out of 5 rating. In addition, the app was JUST released for Android devices on Google play 8 hours ago.

Using the popular swipe controls you’re set on an adventure of dips, rises, caves, zip lines and unexpected obstacles you must either jump, slide or pass over. However the most noticeable difference in Temple Run 2 to is the massive upgrade to the games graphics and ability to keep you addicted for hours on end by having advanced levels and objectives.

Multiple Characters

Temple Run 2 comes loaded with four different characters Guy Dangerous (default), Scarlett Fox, Barry Bones (15,000 coins), and Karma Lee (25K coins) and each have their own powerups that they open that you can begin to upgrade.

  • Scarlett Fox unlokk Coin Magnet Powerup
  • Barry Bones unlocks Coin Bonus Powerup
  • Karma Lee unlocks Score Bonus Powerup


The more coins you collect, the more awesome you become with Temple Run’s 2 ability upgrades. Upgrade your coin value to triple your coins starting at 2,000m, increase your shield duration, increase duration of coin magnet powerup, boost distance and many more. It’s up to you how you spend them so spend wisely.


Simply put: the graphics on Temple Run 2 are superior to the original which sets it up to be one of the best designed free games on the market. Crisps colors, beautiful scenery, and awesome retina display design is exactly what it brings to the table from a graphics perspective. Check out the image gallery below to see for yourself.


What’s the best part about Temple Run 2? It’s free!

Download Temple Run 2 for your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

Download Temple Run 2 for your Android

Temple Run 2 Official Launch Trailer

Temple Run 2 Image Gallery