Best Christmas Gadgets 2011

This is the season for giving and spreading cheer. Nothing can be more joyous than receiving but giving, but what you give is important. The Christmas gift you choose has to reflect you and your style, but for it to bring equal happiness to the receiver, it should also reflect their interests and tastes.

There is no use in getting gifts that will be meaningless or of no use. In these days of hectic living, one often does not have enough time to spend thinking of apt gifts and going out to buy them; therefore, the best alternative is the internet.

There are numerous sites that have unique lists of The best Christmas gadgets for Christmas 2011. Spending some time browsing through the lists will help you select the best for your loved and dear ones. Many of the reputed online sites also sell these gadgets at the best possible rates available.

Online shopping is simple and easy and the gadgets you order will be delivered within the shortest possible time to whomever you want them. With all that said, here we go!

#1 Apple iPad 2

Price: Starting at $499

Christmas Gifts: iPad 2The Apple iPad is also one of The Best Christmas Gadgets for Christmas 2011. Everyone likes an iPad and the latest from Apple is sure to make any one super excited. This is very thin and lightweight gadget is easy to carry so you can hold it in your hands for a longer duration compared to the earlier versions.

The RAM has been doubled and this enables you to play graphically intense games with faster images and less jerky movements. Accessing the net and mailing is easier too; you can have face to face chats and do with ease all you did on the old iPad and much more.

There are numerous apps that can be downloaded easily, it is more colorful and it allows you to do a range of unique things that you will love doing.

If the budget will allow it, the iPad 2 is the best, #1 gift you could give anyone, hands down. And yes anyone, even grandma, can use it!

#2 Kindle Fire

Price: $199

Christmas Gifts: Kindle FireThe Kindle Fire from Amazon is an excellent gadget based on the android technology and is perfect for teens and younger children. Your child can enjoy hours of streaming movies, music, eBooks and various other apps. Some of the thousands of options include Hulu plus, Pandora, Netflix and many more.

This gadget will be gift wrapped and delivered and allows the recipient to watch millions of movies and TV shows listen to songs and read magazines and books in rich color. The dual core processor is fast and powerful and you can do ultra fast web browsing.

If you’re looking for a tablet on a budget, the Kindle Fire simply can not be beat for the price!

#3 Nintendo 3DS

Price: $170

Christmas Gifts: Nintendo 3DSThis gadget from Nintendo is perfect for children of all ages and the young at heart. This is one of The Best Christmas Gadgets for Christmas 2011 and a recipient of such a gift will love spending time using it. The latest and best games for it are anything but cheap and have great features that will give you hours of gaming pleasure.

The graphics are awesome, the sound is excellent and it is easy to carry. It also plays music so you do not need an iPhone or any other music listening device. It comes in very attractive colors like red, aqua blue and black. Search for it online to see the exact colors.

If you choose to buy the 3DS Handheld Game System online, you will save a considerable amount of money.

#4 Apple iPod touch

Price: $199

Christmas Gifts: iPod touchThe third generation iPod touch is another one on The Best Christmas Gadgets for Christmas 2011. No matter how young or old you are, you are sure to like this one and enjoy giving this as a gift to your loved one. You are guaranteed hours of listing pleasure and enjoyment listening to your favorite songs and viewing the movies you like and there is so much more you can do.

You get to shoot some of the best-looking photos and videos and enjoy the numerous apps. It is beautifully designed and great to look at. This Christmas Gadget for Christmas 2011 gives you NetFLIX streaming, Blu-ray 3D and 3D gaming.

#5 PlayStation 3

Price: Starting at $249

Christmas Gifts: Playstation 3The PlayStation 3 has a whole range of features and accessories. It comes with a Move controller, Playstation eye camera, Sports Champions like ping pong, DualShock 3 controller and a USB cable. It is highly rated, well received and reviewed.

This Playstation has a very well balanced console and rich features. So clearly, the PlayStation 3 is a cost effective game that is easily deserving of a place on the list of The Best Christmas Gadgets for Christmas 2011.