Do we really need another way to stream our content to the TV? Google and their new Chromecast seem to think so. At first glance this may seem to be just another roku/appletv/boxee clone, but it is much more. At a price point of $35, it is well within impulse-buy territory. The way the device was devised, the sky is the limit. Google announced an SDK that lets app developers on Android, Chrome or iOS incorporate this chrome-casting feature into any app.

Not only can the Chromecast do a lot out of the box, but EpicaGear can see this evolving into much more as we will explain below.

First on to what it can do right now:

  • Stream content from Youtube with your phone as the remote. This is not only on an Android, but your PC and iOS devices will work
  • Play Netflix movies from your phone, directly on any TV with an HDMI input
  • Mirror any Chrome tab on any compatible laptop, enabling you to play videos from anywhere on the web.
  • All of this for $35

What it will do down the road:

  • Chrome on mobile devices will be able to stream directly from those devices, and not just on the laptop.
  • More and more apps will add this feature, making it possible for Hulu, Spotify, and Pandora to played directly to the TV. Remember, this is for only $35!
  • Chrome is a ever developing platform, and this will find its way on to more and more devices, like TVs and Blu-ray players in the future.
  • Chrome is always updating on your PC or phone browser, and expect this to be true of Chromecast. It will always be up to date.
  • Expect this to be hacked by the enterprising Android/Chrome community and get even more features we can’t think up right now.

The best part of all of this? If you get Chromecast now, you get 3 free months of Netflix. Even better, this is for new and existing customers. This knocks the price down to only $11!

Go pick it up on Amazon right now. Overnight it and you will have it tomorrow to play with all weekend.

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