The New iPad vs. iPad 2 – What’s Different & Should You Switch?

The New iPad vs. iPad 2

Last week Apple announced the new iPad which was pretty expected and to be honest released nothing “ground-breaking” as all the features the new iPad has, are all expected and rumored months ago. However, there’s still a lot of good things the new iPad has going for it – ground breaking or not – and I’m sure most of you are asking yourself the same question I’m asking, “What’s really different about the new iPad and should I make the switch from my iPad 2?”.

Well, that’s what I plan to help answer – let’s first take a side-by-side look at the iPad 2 and the New iPad to compare iPads.

What’s Different?

The New iPadiPad 2
ChipA5X – Dual CoreA5 – Single Core
Display2048×1536 (264 ppi) Retina Display1024×768 (132 ppi)
CameraiSight 5MP, face detection, HD (1080P), 30 FPSHD 720P, 30 FPS
Weight1.44 pounds1.33 pounds
DimensionsHeight: 9.50 inches
Width: 7.31 inches
Depth: 0.37 inch
Height: 9.50 inches
Width: 7.31 inches
Depth: 0.34 inch
ColorBlack & WhiteBlack & White
Battery Life10 hours on wifi
9 hours on 3G/4G
10 hours on wifi
9 hours on 3G
Weight1.44 pounds1.33 pounds
DictationYes: write email, write text, surf or create a note by talkingNo
Smart CoverYesYes
Personal HotspotYes, can be used to connect up to 5 devices to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USBNo

Should You Switch?

If you own the original iPad and are looking for a LOT better speed, screen resolution, camera/video functionality and just an overall slimmer design – make the switch! To me, this would be a no brainier since you gain a LOT of added features, apps and simply just a better iPad.

If you are an iPad 2 owner, like myself, the answer gets a little more complicating. The only big benefit you gain by upgrading is the better screen and a little faster device. I personally do not use my iPad as a camera (that’s why I own an iPhone) and it’s unlikely I would even use the dictation or personal hotspot functionality – which leads me to the conclusion it would not benefit me to make the switch.


Speed is always nice. Retina display is absolutely beautiful on my iPhone 4 and I can’t even imagine it on an iPad. And being able to talk to my iPad and it type, sounds pretty awesome. Is it worth $500+ dollars? Honestly, that can only be answered by the individual who has the money in their pocket.

  1. Personally I am an Android fan, and don’t really care for Apple products most of the time, but I am intrigued to see how the full size retina looks. And also to see what the quad core graphics processor will be able to handle. It will be interesting to see the tests results once people are able to get thier hands on the Tablet and test it.

    • Android tablets are definitely nice and fit some people better than others – I prefer iOS but sometimes wish I could customize it a little more and have widgets. Even the Mac has widgets!

      Far as the retina display, I can tell you right now, it’s going to be awesome! I remember switching from my iPhone 3G to the iPhone 4 and what a difference the retina display made – can’t wait to see the new iPad’s screen.

      Just not sure it’s worth upgrading for. We’ll see.

  2. I still have the original iPad, so I see this latest update as a good time to upgrade – totally worth it. Coming from the original I get a better screen, significantly advanced processing, a great camera and the other software goodies (voice operations, dictation, face recognition etc)

    I don’t see the same level of value for people upgrading from an iPad 2. Bleeding edge buyers – the ones who just have to have the latest everything – will definitely go for the better screen, processor and camera because they’re shiny, but I wouldn’t expect mass adoption right away.

    • Totally agree. This upgrade makes total sense for those with an original iPad – lots of sweet upgrades that make it worth the money (unless you’re just happy with the one you have, haha).

      For iPad 2 owners, I’m just not sure I see the value. It IS shiny but the value is diminished on this release.

  3. I have been a fan of both Android and iOS but in my eyes what made Apple the awesome new thing to get was their innovation and it appears to be dead. This is literally an update they had to make just to keep up with Android, I have an ASUS transformer I got months ago which came with a quad core and 6 GB ram along with many other features Apple simply did not have. The camera, both front and back blew the Ipad 2 out of the water along with its HD display. It also was nearly as thin and light as the Ipad but cost 150$ less; that’s even taking into consideration I have internal storage of 32 GB, with an open expansion slot, while the Ipad only had 16.
    What truly bothered me the most about the Ipad 2 and its newest update is that they are supposed to be at the cutting edge of graphics processing, that’s why people eat it up; hell that’s why I was excited about the Ipad 2 but I saw little to no advantage over the transformer which came out shortly after the Ipad 2 other than the cleanliness of the apps/programs used to edit photos and videos.
    My goal was not to go on an Apple bashing spree here but it seems as though the technology in ‘the new Ipad’ was readily available when the Ipad 2 came out but Apple put lower quality hardware and software in it in what I can only describe as a money grab (both the processors and the iOS 5.1 were available at the Ipad2 release; check the iphone 4 release date its only 2 months later than the ipad)