The New iPad vs. iPad 2

Last week Apple announced the new iPad which was pretty expected and to be honest released nothing “ground-breaking” as all the features the new iPad has, are all expected and rumored months ago. However, there’s still a lot of good things the new iPad has going for it – ground breaking or not – and I’m sure most of you are asking yourself the same question I’m asking, “What’s really different about the new iPad and should I make the switch from my iPad 2?”.

Well, that’s what I plan to help answer – let’s first take a side-by-side look at the iPad 2 and the New iPad to compare iPads.

What’s Different?

The New iPadiPad 2
ChipA5X – Dual CoreA5 – Single Core
Display2048×1536 (264 ppi) Retina Display1024×768 (132 ppi)
CameraiSight 5MP, face detection, HD (1080P), 30 FPSHD 720P, 30 FPS
Weight1.44 pounds1.33 pounds
DimensionsHeight: 9.50 inches
Width: 7.31 inches
Depth: 0.37 inch
Height: 9.50 inches
Width: 7.31 inches
Depth: 0.34 inch
ColorBlack & WhiteBlack & White
Battery Life10 hours on wifi
9 hours on 3G/4G
10 hours on wifi
9 hours on 3G
Weight1.44 pounds1.33 pounds
DictationYes: write email, write text, surf or create a note by talkingNo
Smart CoverYesYes
Personal HotspotYes, can be used to connect up to 5 devices to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USBNo

Should You Switch?

If you own the original iPad and are looking for a LOT better speed, screen resolution, camera/video functionality and just an overall slimmer design – make the switch! To me, this would be a no brainier since you gain a LOT of added features, apps and simply just a better iPad.

If you are an iPad 2 owner, like myself, the answer gets a little more complicating. The only big benefit you gain by upgrading is the better screen and a little faster device. I personally do not use my iPad as a camera (that’s why I own an iPhone) and it’s unlikely I would even use the dictation or personal hotspot functionality – which leads me to the conclusion it would not benefit me to make the switch.


Speed is always nice. Retina display is absolutely beautiful on my iPhone 4 and I can’t even imagine it on an iPad. And being able to talk to my iPad and it type, sounds pretty awesome. Is it worth $500+ dollars? Honestly, that can only be answered by the individual who has the money in their pocket.