We have all had that horrible moment when we are away from our computers and need to access something. Whether this has been for work or just to show off those holiday photo’s there is always a need to be able to gain access to your files at home without actually being there. To combat this irritating issue, more and more businesses (and the general public) are turning to using RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) systems to ensure that business productivity remains the top priority.

There are many reasons having an RDP protocol in place can help strengthen and grow your business, these will be explained in more detail later on, but the main reasons are productivity, cutting IT costs and managing staff on the go.

For those of us who use them for personal use, they can be great for accessing data stored on our home desktops when it is needed, such as setting virus checkers to run at home or even setting webcams to watch over our houses when you are away.

Remote Desktop AccessThere are literally hundreds of reasons why RDP protocols are the perfect technology accessory this year, for business systems such as Ericom’s RDP client, can help to promote greener business, employees health and productivity.

How do they work?

It wasn’t so long ago, that remote desktop access was something that only an IT technician could do. If you have had your work computer break down when you are mid deadline, then you may have noticed an IT technician remotely taking control of your mouse and moving it to fix the problem. This is RDP, or it was 5 years ago. Now remote desktop protocol is an application that allows you to access your desktop, wherever you may be, using an internet connection. All you need is a decent speed internet connection and a device, like a tablet that you can use.

How will they add value to my company?

The most obvious way is to maintain your company’s productivity, even if you are self-employed this is a must have if you spend a lot of time on the go. As with many businesses, working through these tough economic times, companies are taking on more projects than ever and deadlines can be very tight. When a staff member then has to spend two days travelling, as an example, which is two days’ work lost. This is why having an RDP protocol in place is perfect. Your employees who are travelling or even off sick, can still work and meet deadlines, to maintain your business needs.

Then there is the age old problem of forgetting those important documents you need for a business deal clincher. The majority of people now travel with their mobile devices, but if you don’t have that one email or spreadsheet to hand it can certainly be a costly mistake. At least with RDP software in place, you have the security of accessing those important documents any time you might need them.

Another popular choice of late is the freedom an RDP connection gives to workers. There has been much focus of late over the amount of hours people are working and how this can affect physical and mental health. Well an RDP connection can ensure that you can leave work on time and continue in the evening from your own home. Making the work life balance far more secure, families can have more time together and work can still be completed.

This morale boost will not only help your company’s overall productivity, but it can also help cut the amount of staff off sick due to stress or similar illness.