Today we are reviewing the Toblino iPad 2 Case for the iPad 2 and go over it’s features, what’s good and what’s bad. I purchased this case for $39.00 from MobileVision off

Toblino’s Pros

Toblino 2 iPad 2 CaseOverall, I really like this case simply because, at this price point, the quality and function is amazing. It packs nearly all of my want’s into one without charging an arm and a leg. Here are the features you get and things I feel make this case one of the best I’ve seen yet for the iPad 2.

  • Leather, right when you pull it out of the packaging you can smell that “new leather smell” and to the touch it’s amazing. This case feels solid and almost apart of the iPad 2.
  • Size, I can’t say this enough, the size of this this case has really impressed me so far. It gives you that solid feel and protection without adding several layers of padding and making it feel like your carrying a big dictionary. It defiantly takes advantage of the new thin iPad 2 structure.
  • Smart Cover, this was a must for me. If I can’t get a case with smart case technology, why do I want it?
  • 3 Stand Positions
  • Snug, you won’t have to worry about your case falling out with this case. See my example in the video above – you simply can not get this case to fall out unless you want it to.
  • Cheap in price but not quality

Toblino’s Cons

To be honest, so far I haven’t really found any part of this case that would make we want to return it – which is saying something since I consider myself pretty picky. However, there are a couple things I can see where someone would say something.

  • Typing Angle, when you first start using this case the typing angle isn’t the best. The leather has a harder time bending and it takes some working to get it to stay down in this position.
  • A little “bouncy”, when in the standing positions I’ve found this case to bounce a little when tapping on the iPad 2. Not a deal breaker for me since I haven’t really noticed it, at all, and since I know this isn’t an Incase which adds nearly 3 inches of extra padding making it more sturdy but super bulky.

Again, this case has meet my every expectation and would purchase it again if I had to. You can find more reviews, videos and information about the Toblino 2 at