I must admit, I love looking for new, cool iPhone cases online & in stores; there’s something about a case that makes your phone feel new and different after shoving a new skin on. That’s why when I first saw this new infographic (yes, I’m a sucker for awesome images) from Shutterfly (the best photo book supplier) titled “Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About iPhone Cases“, I had to look. Check it out…

Shutterfly iPhone Cases Infographic

This infographic is provided to you by Shutterfly, a leader provider of photo books, custom iPhone cases & more!

Here are the stats that shocked me…

  • 13% have dropped their iPhone into the toilet
  • 45% think an iPhone case should survive being run over by a car – how many cases do you know that actually do this? Funny.
  • Lastly, the most expensive iPhone case is over $100K – this is just shocking and the sad part is, there are some who actually PAY that kind of money for a case.

While at first I opted to rock my new iPhone 5 without a case, one drop and damage to the phone had me thinking twice so for now I have a temporary case until I find one I really like. It’s interesting to know however that Shutterfly actually offers personalized iPhone 5 cases so I may opt to creating my very own case and putting awesome pictures of my family on it. (TIP: A great Christmas gift)

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