As 2012 has drawn to a close, our thoughts of the iPhone 5 and Raspberry Pi’s have dissipated and we are now on the hunt for this year’s top tech purchases.

So to give you a heads up, here are 5 items that are simply not to be missed!

Google Glasses1. Google Glasses

Yes you read that right; think “Minority Report” meets the real world! Ok so these glasses may not display a full computer screen floating in mid air, but they do offer us the chance to read messages, check maps and take pictures with little fuss!

This innovative pair of glasses may not be for everyday use but they are certainly perfect for work, rest and play! One lens is clear simply showing the real world whilst the other lens acts as your ticket to virtually everything you could need whilst on the go!

Aptly named “Project Glass” looks to be released early 2013 at an approx. cost of $1500.

Samsung Galaxy S42. Samsung Galaxy S4

I know, many people have said that Smartphones have had their day, but I believe not – seriously read the rumoured spec for the S4 and we are in for a treat!

Ok so most of these are only rumours, but let’s face it, rumours are generally a good guideline! The S4 is said to include a 5in Full HD display with an optimum 1920×1080 resolution. Along with this the main rumour circulating the web as we speak, is the integration of an unbreakable screen; this may not come to pass but if it does this will leave the S4 as a stand alone phone/tablet hybrid or phablet! Exciting huh!

Oculus Rift3. Oculus Rift

Ask any gamer for their ultimate tech fantasy and they will say 3D gaming AKA “Lawnmower Man”. Well imagine this, only better and you have the Oculus Rift.

Connected to your PC this creates a 3D haven with a 110 display that follows your head movements so clearly you could get lost in a virtual world! Don’t believe me, well the Oculus Rift has been trialled by leading experts from the games industry, such as John Carmack of Doom, and has had them giving nothing but the thumbs up! Release date to be confirmed!

4.Xbox 720 or codename “Durango”

Of course the Next Gen Xbox was bound to whip up a rumour storm on the web, but none could have guessed just how large it would be.
Currently rumoured to be released in summer 2013, the latest news from leaked Microsoft hardware is that the 720 will include the integration of Blu-ray support, a redesigned Kinect element that will work with 3D glasses and the ability to record live TV and movies!


This will be a move away from a traditional games console and bring, what many believe, the Xbox name into the 21st century!

5. Basis Band

Basis Band

In January we are inundated with adverts instructing us to get fit, healthy and burn off the Christmas pounds; great idea, but I want to take the latest tech with me so that I can be sure I am getting the most out of my health kick. For this I need a Basis Band.

Basis Band is an innovative and stylish wrist monitor that is certainly not single sensor based! The band captures your heart rate patterns, the motions you make, your perspiration levels and your skin temperature.

Simply wear as a much more exact work out device or, as stressed on their site, wear day and night to record thorough and controlled health analysis that are monitored on your device of choice! This will certainly make those New Year Resolutions easier to uphold!