Web developers utilize a wide range of tools and resources to complete projects, and without at least one powerful software application their job would be much more difficult.

Before the invention of content management systems (CMS) and other WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) webpage editors developers had to become extremely proficient in HTML coding to manually create pages in a much more tedious and time-consuming fashion.

Coda (web development software)

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Times have changed…

During the past decade the number of websites on the Internet has expanded exponentially, and the widespread usage of web development software is partially responsible for this growth because it gave average webmasters the ability to produce aesthetically appealing and effective websites just as well as experienced programmers.

However, as people began to specialize in using specific web development applications like Dreamweaver and Adobe Creative Suite the web design industry became more competitive.

The beauty of software

Web development software gives website owners the ability to freely express their creativity without being restrained by the responsibility of learning PHP, HTML, CSS, and other programming languages.

Instead of focusing on the technical aspect of designing and creating a website, professional web designers are now able to assess their client needs and begin focusing on effectively creating page layouts, backgrounds, navigational structures, and other aspects of a website in a timely and professional manner.


Although web-based content management systems like WordPress and the aforesaid development suite applications make it easier to learn how to become a developer, they do not streamline the process altogether, so there is still a high demand for experienced developers who are proficient in utilizing a combination of software, persuasive technique, and programming knowledge to meet client needs.

In today’s high tech world, development software has become a necessary tool in the artillery of web developers, but is not the only resource needed to create a successful website from scratch.