New Kindle Paperwhite ScreenAmazon released the latest version of the Kindle Paperwhite on October 9, and it has since become a very popular in the E-Reader industry! The previous version was the first of its kind. It was nearly impossible to visit any classroom, rummage through any bookstore, or run into a coffee shop without seeing at least one person using a Kindle Paperwhite. It’s safe to say that the crowd went wild at its release.

But the question is, aside from consumer’s immediate curiosity, how does Amazon’s updated version compare? Does it have the everlasting awe factor that the original had? Or does this new device sourly stand in the shadow of Apple’s iPad and Barnes & Noble’s Nook? This article will focus on three key elements: (1) where to buy Kindle Paperwhite, (2) its key improvements, and (3)  the All-New Kindle Paperwhite launch.

Launch of the All-New Kindle Paperwhite

The new Kindle Paperwhite actually comes in two distinctly different versions, which started shipping September 30th. The first model connects to the Internet using a Wi-Fi connection only; and the second version has the capabilities of connecting to the Internet using a 3G connection and a Wi-Fi connection (which comes in handy if you’re wanting to download a book and don’t have Wi-Fi).

This new Kindle utilizes a nifty web browser, that also comes in handy when you’re on the road and are wanting to look something up, without accumulating excessive data charges on your cellular device.

Major Improvements

The latest Kindle Paperwhite is significantly more appealing than the original. It successfully captures today’s modern, state of the art technological appearance with a sleek screen and smooth surface. The all-new paperwhite comes with a high resolution, no glare screen that won’t tire your eyes in the dark – its #1 and most popular feature!

In addition to the new and improved screen you’ll find the new Kindle Paperwhite packs a battery that lasts weeks, not hours and is significantly faster!

All-New Kindle PaperwhiteWhere to Buy Kindle Paperwhite

The big question, “Where to buy Kindle Paperwhite?” The answer is simple (and cheap), you can get it directly from If you’re currently using the older version, you would greatly benefit from the update. Not only will your experience be 100 times better, but once you try the latest version, you’ll wonder how you ever made it without it before. The 2013 version of the Kindle Paperwhite takes e-reading to an entirely different level. Get yours today!

Don’t forget that if you’re subscribed to Amazon Prime you get FREE 2-day shipping!

Buy Now from Amazon – $119