Today we have us the ZooGue iPad 2 Case up for review and I’d like to go over some of the cool things about this new iPad 2 Case that has been making quite a bit of news lately.

ZooGue’s Pros

Overall, this is really a great case. Coming in at $49.99 you can own a quality case that offers some really cool features and protect your iPad – all in one. You can save $5 instantly by using the coupon code below, #justsayin.

Quality – Simply put, this cause is truly of 100% quality. The materials used are some of the best which makes the leather scream genuine all the way from the touch to the smell. Stitching looks great, leather is great and not cheaply made.

ZooGue iPad 2 Case Desk PositionMultiple Standing Positions & Angles – This feature is what this case was designed to do and it does it very well. There are several angles you can position your iPad using some super strong Velcro, quickly and easily.

Here’s the bigger deal, it’s super sturdy! On some cases you’ll find the standing positions are a little loose but the ZooGue iPad 2 case gives you that solid feel and confidence that your iPad is simply not moving unless you want it to.

Thickness – A lot of your cases on the market that have standing positions add a lot of baggage to your iPad making it super thick which honestly is kinda lame considering the iPad 2 is so thin.

This case doesn’t over do itself on padding making it thinner than most yet without neglecting protection your looking for.

360 Protection – This case truly delivers when it comes to keeping your iPad 2 protected from falls, potential scratches, bruises and bo-bo’s.  Again, not super thick with padding but still great protection.

Back-strap – The built in Velcro enabled strap puts this case over the top in my book! You can secure your case with it, use it while presenting to secure your iPad 2 or snug it around the headrest of your car for some video action while on the road trip.

Magnet On/Off – As you would expect in an iPad 2 case, ZooGue incorporates the magnet on/off technology that I personally like a lot! Not sure why but a lot of third-party cases out there does not do this.

It works great and I love it.

ZooGue’s Cons

Velcro – This cases biggest feature, at first, can appear to be it’s biggest con. The “standing part” of the case is actually part of the front so you see and feel the velco type material on the front of your case.

At first, this can be a bigger draw-back to some but once you start using the case it starts growing on you a bit. Not a deal breaker.

That’s it! – Other than the Velcro part, I didn’t find any other “cons” about this case, which is saying a lot considering I can be so picky.

I highly recommend this case – it’s easy to use, thinner than most, affordable and has some amazing standing angles.

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ZooGue iPad 2 Case Genius Demo