Nothing is a frustrating as having an inadequate signal from your wireless router when you are trying to connect your devices to your network. You can experience poor connectivity and significantly reduced speeds when your signal strength is too weak. Common issues for weak signal include being too far away from the origin of transmission (the router), interference of other signals, or physical obstructions that block the path of the waves.

The easiest solution for weak signal is by using a Wi-Fi booster.


Using a booster is a great way to extend the range of your router. It’s important to keep your router centrally located in your home in order to get the most equal area of amplification, and receive a heightened signal in all areas. Because Wi-Fi transmissions are electromagnetic signals, the farther they are from the source, the more they deteriorate in strength. Wi-Fi boosters can help increase the power of the transmission, in turn stretching the range of coverage.



Since wireless technology is commonly used in a variety of devices, there tends to be a vast amount of signals transmitting at any given time. Too many signals in one space can cause interference with one another, though, so it’s vital that you minimize interference risk when installing a booster.

Wi-Fi signals work primarily off of a 2.4 GHz frequency, which is an unregulated spectrum. Because of this, there are many other devices that use the same frequency, and therefore cause a high level of interference. Keep the booster away from metal surfaces and glass, which can interrupt and degrade the signal as well.

Physical Obstructions

Things like thick walls, mirrors, and metal cabinetry can weaken transmissions and sometimes even completely block them as well. Position the antenna in the direction opposite of these types of obstacles can heighten the signal and extend the range of coverage throughout your home.

How Does the Booster Work?

A Wi-Fi booster is a wireless device that connects to your router to amplify the current signal transmissions. It is the simplest and easiest way to greatly increase the effectiveness of your home network signal, allowing for increased connectivity capabilities.

Basically, a wireless router is a radio transreceiver. Digital data travels via radio wave carrier signals to wireless devices capable of receiving the incoming transmission. A wireless router has a range that extends to the point where the radio signal can no longer be received or transmitted back. A Wi-Fi booster receives the initial signal from the router and retransmits it at a higher level than before. Some devices can amplify the signal by 600%, depending on the model. Because the signal strength is improved, the network speeds will increase, as the data retransmission rate is decreased. A Wi-Fi booster is a simple solution for your wireless connection issues in your home or office.