Facebook Buys Instagram

Just a few days after Instagram released it’s widely loved app to the Android market Kevin Systrom, Instagram CEO, announces that Facebook has just acquired Instagram.

In his blog post he is very clear that “Instagram is not going away” and that they will continue to work hard on adding new, exciting features along with simply evolving it’s network.

“The Instagram app will still be the same one you know and love. You’ll still have all the same people you follow and that follow you.You’ll still be able to share to other social networks. And you’ll still have all the other features that make the app so fun and unique.” – Keven Systrom

The 1000 pound gorilla just got bigger!

Facebook seriously just got massively bigger. People love instagram and it’s reach is growing on a daily basis – yes, even I’m using it now.

What are you thoughts on this acquisition?