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This document was last updated on September 28, 2017

We wanted to share a few details with our readers about how our the Epica Gear technology blog operates.


This blog is one of several blogs published by Epica, each focusing on bringing interesting content relevant to a specific niche audience – with sites covering everything from sports & health to video games & home decor. We are not affiliated with any other blogging or content networks and we have no direct corporate sponsors (see affiliates below).

Advertising & Affiliates

Our site is supported in part by advertising from a number of providers including Google AdSense, the Amazon Associates affiliate program, and paid banner advertisements. Most ads are obvious although some may appear as links with-in article content (Amazon affiliate links). We strive to keep our advertising obvious, relevant and unobtrusive.


Occasionally we publish free and premium high quality guest posts. While premium submissions include compensated editorial effort (ie: priority expedition of editorial review, featured placement & promotion) and we are sometimes provided products for review, we never accept compensated in exchange for voicing a particular opinion. All opinions expressed on our site are the perspective of the individual post author and not necessarily that of the blog owner or publishers.


Have any questions, please connect with our team, we’re happy to provide answers.