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How Do Touchscreen Monitors Affect Windows vs. Mac Operating Systems

Now Microsoft and other manufacturers have begun to offer touch-based devices that run Windows, and some companies have retrofitted Apple’s OS X devices to work with touch displays.

Business Website

Is Your Small Business Website Keeping Up with the Times?

If the website is not generating much in the way of traffic or sales, there are things you can do to improve your business’ website.

Resistive Touch Screen Technology

Types of Popular Touchscreen Technology & How They Are Used in 2012

Ever wondered what that cell phone, TV or laptop screen technology is composed of? Well, today we’re going to dive into the most popular touch screen technologies and learn how they are used in today’s world.

Kindle Fire Demo

Video: Kindle Fire Demo by CEO Jeff Bezos

Really great video on Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos presenting the new Kindle Fire to the world.


Windows OS Versions Experiment

Do you remember Windows XP? What about Windows 98? …95? How far back does your relationship with Microsoft’s Windows operating systems go? Check out this video of an interesting & nostalgic Windows OS installation experiment.

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