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10 Great Gadgets and Apps for Communication

The beauty of all the technology that surrounds us these days is that it has brought us all closer it’s an aunt in Australia or a brother in Thailand, no relative or friend is ever too far away that they are out of while most of us have all the technology in the palm of our hand to speak to anyone, anywhere, there are a few tips and tricks, apps and gadgets you need in your life if you want to be a true communication appYou’ll probably be aware of Skype, it’s one of the original and certainly one of the best VOIP apps that will allow you to chat to friends anywhere in the world with an internet connection.…
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Five New Tablet PCs Coming Soon

Today’s technology advances are finding it difficult to keep pace with the increasing and changing demands of the consumers. For all eWork related tasks consumers are looking for a gadget that’s more easily portable than the conventional laptop, processes more efficiently than a netbook and is more skilled than a New Tablet PCs to be looking for…These upcoming new tablet PCs claim to cater to the demanding patrons in different ways; below you will find the known features of PlayBookBlackBerry maker RIM enters the Tablet Market with its BlackBerry PlayBook and will be available in 3G & 4G in the US by early 2011. Below are a few features we’ve seen…The Playbook has a 7” screen, 1 GB RAM and…
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