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Five Reasons Why Your Paperless Office Needs an OCR Tool

The evolution of our office space has been an interesting journey, to say the least. The last two decades brought us technology that changed almost every single aspect of how we work. Communication and business correspondence changed dramatically, collaboration improved with the birth of the Cloud and the tools on our desks look like they’ve been stolen from a 1970’s sci-fi to say, our productivity has improved, as well. With the help of various inventions we became faster at completing our tasks and more efficient in our day to day efforts to improve both ourselves and the businesses we work in. One of the most obvious examples is the entire document management once was a tiresome workflow of sifting through…
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A Simple Way to Speed up Document Management in Your Office

We constantly strive towards better efficiency in our workplace. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of technological innovations that enable us to accomplish our daily tasks more efficiently than before the computer and Internet era. Today we are witnessing a massive change from paper to paperless office management and this switch has enabled tremendous boost in our productivity. Now that most of our business communication is in electronic form, the tasks that used to take us several days to complete can now be finished in an of the most commonly used electronic file formats for professional purposes is the PDF. It is by far the safest format for sending and archiving files because it retains the formatting of the original document and…
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