We constantly strive towards better efficiency in our workplace. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of technological innovations that enable us to accomplish our daily tasks more efficiently than before the computer and Internet era. Today we are witnessing a massive change from paper to paperless office management and this switch has enabled tremendous boost in our productivity. Now that most of our business communication is in electronic form, the tasks that used to take us several days to complete can now be finished in an hour.

One of the most commonly used electronic file formats for professional purposes is the PDF. It is by far the safest format for sending and archiving files because it retains the formatting of the original document and doesn’t allow accidental or purposeful tampering with the file.

So, converting original editable files into PDF is important for enabling safe document sharing and viewing.

Editing PDFs

However, PDFs sometimes need to be edited, which is why people greatly benefit from tools that can turn PDFs back to their original formatting. Offices that want to save on software equipment will inevitably face the situation where their employees spend unnecessary amount of time on manually extracting content and information from a PDF document to a new, editable file in order to add or revise data. If that PDF is an extensive spreadsheet with lots of data in it, the retyping process could take a while. That is why PDF conversion solution is a time saving equipment in every office, especially in finance, accounting, sales and marketing departments. These departments produce and manipulate data-rich documents like budget projections, sales, taxes and statement reports, invoices, cash-flow and ledger reports, and so on.

PDF Converter

Employees in these departments can really experience a great boost in their productivity with the help of a powerful PDF converter.

Able2Extract is an example of such software that meets all PDF conversion requirements of an office. The types of documents commonly created, modified and reviewed by business professionals are:

spreadsheets – often in MS Excel or Calc

presentations – often in PowerPoint or Impress

marketing material (brochures, handouts) – often in Publisher or Word

contracts – usually in Word

letters, briefs, etc. – usually in Word

If the office is a design studio, employees will be working with HTML pages. If it is an architect’s studio, they’ll work with AutoCAD file formats. In all of these cases, Able2Extract can be of help because it converts PDFs and Text formats into all these editable formats.

Able2Extract is created with users of all computer skill levels in mind, so the conversion process is extremely simple. We can see how the tool works in the following short tutorial featuring its flagship PDF to Excel conversion option:

1) Click “Open” and find the PDF file on your computer.


2) Use the “Select” option to select the whole document or just parts of it.


3) Click on any of the required output formats.


By clicking on Excel the software will offer additional options. Users can choose to customize their settings, and then adjust their column and row preferences.

The software is intuitive and easy to use, so any office employee can use it to speed up their document management tasks and have enough time for more complex work.

Able2Extract can be downloaded free here.