The electronics revolution has given us a plethora of smartphones, tablets, laptops and many other devices. While these devices can be great tools for communication, entertainment and productivity, they do have several significant downsides. While electronic devices like television may have a useful life that exceeds 10 years, many electronic devices that are used on a daily basis have a useful life of 24 months or less.

Durable electronic devices include televisions, washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves and other household appliances. If these devices are maintained properly, they can often last for 10 to 20 years. Non-durable electronic devices include cellphones, tablets and computers. While these devices may remain in working order for a decade or more, new advances in technology usually lead consumers to upgrade them after a few years.

Unfortunately, old electronics depreciate in value very quickly. In many cases, electronic devices can depreciate in value by 80 percent or more less than 12 months after purchase.

Fortunately, there are several choices that can help ensure you get the best return on old electronics.


Sell Online

Websites are a great way to sell electronics. However, there are several things you must do to ensure you get a good price when selling these goods online. First, look for reputable sites that have a phone number and address to contact if you have questions or problems. The best place to sell your iPhone is often on the internet, and some sites will even take your broken electronics that you wouldn’t dream of selling to your friends and family.

Create Great Photos

People looking to purchase electronic devices on the Internet often rely on photos to make their decision if you post on the classifieds section. By taking at least five photos of your electronic device from all angles, you can help ensure that consumers have the ability to make an informed purchase decision. When taking photos, it’s critical to make sure that you have proper lighting and a clean background for an image. Do not take a picture of an electronic device with a dirty table or home as a background. Instead, use a wall or sheet of paper as a backdrop for your photo.

Good Descriptions

A good description will ensure that consumers know exactly what they are purchasing. Make sure to describe all the benefits of your electronic device. All features for the electronic device should be listed clearly in the auction description. If there are any problems or noticeable damages on your electronics, be sure to state that in the description. People are looking for honest descriptions and will buy damaged products, but they often steer clear if you says it’s new condition when it clearly isn’t.

Free Shipping

Shipping a small electronic device is relatively inexpensive. However, many consumers prefer to purchase items with free shipping. Instead of making consumers purchase shipping themselves, it’s often possible to include free shipping for a nominal cost. If you have larger electronics, ask for a little more and say that shipping is included to entice people who are looking for items with no extra costs.

Use Certified Payment Methods

Many consumers are concerned about identity theft and financial fraud when shopping online. Make sure to use reputable payment processors when selling items on an auction site.

You can make a good return on your old electronics with a little effort. People can find use for anything, including broken phones, outdated computers and electronics you haven’t used in years.