Keeping up with the latest technology can be difficult, but if you have a tech geek in your family you may need to know at least a little about technology to get them the perfect gift.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your tech fanatic, these are a few of the top gifts for this year.


1. GoPro Hero4 Silver

The GoPro Hero4 Silver is a major upgrade from last year’s Hero3+ Black. This camera features an improved quick tagging system, better performance in low-light, and the rear of the camera now features a touchscreen. This gift is especially useful for your tech fans who are active and enjoy the outdoors.

2. Sony PlayStation 4

Though the Xbox One is not entirely out of the next generation console race, Sony’s PS4 is the way to go for the gamer in your life. Unlike the Xbox One, the PS4 focused on being a gaming system, rather than a multimedia device. The PS4 also offers a wide variety of exclusive games, making it a great system for both fans of co-op and solo play.

3. An iPhone 5 Battery Extender Case

Users of the iPhone 5 will appreciate an extension of their battery life with an iPhone 5 Battery Extender Case. For as much as we may all rely on smart phones, their battery life continues to frustrate all of us. Even non-tech geeks are likely to appreciate one of these cases, which adds time to the life of the phone simply by being snapped into place.

4. A 3D Printer

3D printers are the newest must-have gadget for the tech geeks in your life. You know the people in your life best, so you will know whether they will be impressed by a printer with a scanning function, or a 3D printing pen. Regardless of the style, now that their prices are beginning to dip below $1,000, they are quickly becoming an affordable treat for the tech fan in your life.

5. Smart Watches

Smart watches are a great addition for your tech geek friends or family. One of the most interesting is the Pebble Steel, which boasts a long battery life and a waterproof, clear display. It also works with a wide variety of phones, as it is compatible with Apple and Android devices.

6. Fire HD Kids Edition

Though there are a number of kids tablets on the market, the Fire HD Kids Edition comes with the option for replacement for up to two years. This, along with the bumpers and other protections that come standard with kids’ tablets, will guarantee your tech-loving kids have something to play with for some time to come.Any of these six gadgets are bound to make your tech geek’s Christmas complete. Whether you are looking for something big or small, for a child or an adult, you will find something on this list that is just right. Informational credit to outEDGE Power Products.