Verizon iPhone 4On February 3, 2011 at 3am EST Verizon customers can begin to pre-order the iPhone 4 to all new and existing customers; the remaining customers will have to wait until February 10th. This news is something most Verizon customers are truly excited about – it’s been a long time coming!

Verizon iPhone Pricing

You can purchase the Verizon iPhone without a contract at full retail price and it appears you’ll be able to cash in on your “New Every Two” credit but not all location will honor it. Be sure to check several locations before purchasing.

16GB $199.99 with contract $649.99 retail
32GB $299 with contract $749.99 retail

Verizon iPhone Voice & Data Plans

Exact Verizon iPhone voice & data plans have not yet been announced but be prepared to choose once. Verizon has said however that users will be required to purchase a monthly Nationwide plan with an unlimited data package of 29.99 or higher.

Switching from ATT iPhone to a Verizon iPhone

If you plan on switching from your current ATT iPhone, plan on buying a new iPhone from Verizon because you will not be able to use it with their services. You will however, have the opportunity to take advantage of the Verizon Wireless Trade-In Program and get some cash from your current device.

Verizon iPhone FAQ

No matter if your a new or existing customer looking to purchase the iPhone Verizon phone, you’ll want to check out the iPhone Version FAQ which provides you with answers to all your questions.