Ahhh, the wonderful world of technology. Technology can be very beneficial when it’s used to help make daily life easier. One of the most creative applications of technology includes voice tech.

Voice tech can also be considered a personal assistant when the application helps you get your work done.

voice_techBelow you will find 16 of the most creative applications of voice technology.

Skully Smart Helmet

The Skully smart helmet is designed to help motorcycle drivers stay safer on the roads. This innovative device features a blind spot camera, Bluetooth connectivity and a transparent heads up display. It also includes intelligent sound hands-free calling and the ability to stream music. No stretch of highway will ever be boring again with the ability to hear your favorite songs at the sound of your voice. The smart helmet is lightweight and durable and is one of the most innovative voice tech designs to date.

Moto Hint

The Moto Hint is an accessory for the Android and iOS platforms. This discreet wireless earbud is significantly smaller than the standard BlueTooth earpiece. It features a two- to three-hour charge time. If charged twice, it will last most people the entire work day. Moto Hint is voice-activated and can be prompted to perform actions for you. Ask it questions such as “What’s the weather?”; “How old is Justin Bieber?”; and “What is my schedule for tomorrow?” to receive immediate answers from your phone. The Hint permits you to access information on your phone hands-free, making it useful for those who spend a significant amount of time on the road. It is available in a wide variety of colors and finishes and comes equipped with a USB charging device.

 LG Roboking Vacuum Cleaner

The LG vacuum cleaner is voice-operated. This vacuum cleaner will first analyze the state of your home using cameras and sensing devices. It will then create a map of the areas that require cleaning and plot the most efficient cleaning path. The low noise level means that you can continue watching the football game while your house is being cleaned. All pet hair, dust, crumbs and dirt are things of the past with this innovative device. And yes, you can activate it and control it using only your voice.

Girls’ Tech Password Journal 8

Girls’_Tech_Password_Journal_8What girl doesn’t want a journal that no one else can open? The Girls’ Tech password journal is a voice-activated journal that provides the optimal level of security for all those secret notes and messages. The journal opens to the accompaniment of music and will not open if an incorrect password is used. Behind the notebook inside the protective case is a secret compartment where special items can be stored. An invisible ink pen and a glow light to read it with are part of this remarkable journal where every secret is safe.

Dragon Drive

No, this dragon doesn’t spew out fire and smoke. Instead, it breathes words into emails and messages while you are driving. Dragon Drive permits the user to multi-task easily and effortlessly. It is compatible with the BMW luxury vehicle and enables you to send and reply to emails and dictate messages and memos while speeding down the highway – or the autobahn.

Cubic by Cube Robotics

Cubic is similar to the Amazon Echo with a different design. It is a virtual assistant with a personality that will help you keep your life together. Cubic can provide you with tips on how to dress for the weather and the most efficient transportation method to get to your meeting on time. Integrate it with your in-home comfort control panel to enable you to have your home warm and welcoming when you arrive. If you have something to share on Twitter or Facebook, Cubic will post it for you. If you want to share documents with someone from Dropbox, Cubic is ready. All this Cubic will do for you at your command. Cubic is compatible with smart devices and includes a home automation hub.

Vocca Smart Light

Tired of arguing about whose turn it is to turn off the bedroom light when it’s time to turn in for the night? The Vocca light will eliminate all of that unnecessary fuss. Simply call out when you want your lights on or off to watch Vocca do it for you. No more fumbling around in the dark trying to find that evasive light switch.

Honeywell WiFi Smart Thermostat

How cool is it to be able to control your climate with your voice? The Honeywell WiFi smart thermostat operates like a regular thermostat, but it can be controlled by your voice, your smartphone or your computer. This thermostat shows both the current indoor and outdoor temperatures. Because you can set your temperature remotely with the app using your device, you don’t need to fret if you forget to lower the temperature during your vacation.

Amazon Echo (“Alexa”)

Amazon_EchoPretend that you are in the kitchen baking. You don’t want to touch anything with your floury hands, but you just remembered that you need to add brown paper to the shopping list. You call the pre-programmed wake call: “Alexa, add brown paper to the shopping list.” She will reply, “I’ve added brown paper to the list.” Want a bit of trivia? “Alexa, how old is Mount Rushmore?” She will give the answer with additional information related to your question. She will wake you up in the morning, play audiobooks for you, check your upcoming schedule, give you sports information and update you on the weather. All you have to do is call her name.

Plantronics K100 Bluetooth Speakerphone

The K100 Bluetooth Speakerphone by Plantronics is clipped onto the visor of your vehicle. Echo-cancelling technology enables you to make clearer outbound calls and to receive incoming calls with less frustration. You can also do voice-dialing. This speakerphone can also be used to stream music and podcasts through A2DP-enabled phones. It is hands-free, making it safe to use while driving. The A2DP speaker system also permits GPS streaming. Get where you need to go fast using the Plantronics K100 Bluetooth speakerphone.


Listnr is a sound-activated device, meaning it can be programmed to turn lights on or off with the stamp of a foot, the snap of a finger or the clap of your hands. It can analyze expressions on your baby’s face when it makes a sound and tell you whether it is laughing or crying. Connected to the Cloud, it can give you updates wherever you go. All Listnr does is listen for you, so talk to it often.


Siri is the beloved virtual assistant of the iOS platform. Designed and developed by Apple, this voice technology app is both a personal knowledge base and an assistant navigator. The app uses a natural language user interface capable of answering questions, delegating requests to a set of web services and make recommendations. Siri adapts to the user’s speech patterns. Over time, the Siri app of a person with a heavy southern accent will sound different than the Siri app of a person from the north.

Dragon Mobile Assistant App

Dragon_Mobile_Assistant_AppThe Dragon mobile assistant app was designed to combat fraud on the mobile technology platform. The Dragon mobile assistant uses voice biometrics to create audio voiceprints that are connected to an individual’s name and account. The information is stored in a central database to identify the voice when the account owner makes a call.

Virtual Voice

Virtual Voice uses both the speech recognition and text-to-speech features on Android devices. Designed specifically for mute and deaf people, Virtual Voice makes it simpler for them to communicate without using sign language. The interface for this app is simple to navigate and features large buttons for easy identification.


The Ford Sync is available in certain Ford vehicles. It is integrated with the infotainment and communications system within the car itself and allows the user to control music and find information on weather conditions. You can also make hands-free calls and control other functions of the vehicle’s operation with your voice alone. The Ford Sync is the third generation of the Ford mobile communication apps preceded by MyFord Touch and the second generation Ford Sync. These previous versions operated on the Windows Embedded Automotive operating system.


What better name to give a device that helps you feel at home? Homey is that device. It speaks German, Dutch, English, French and Spanish, making it ideal for multi-lingual homes. Using natural spoken commands, Homey will help you control your light settings, adjust your temperature and set your TV to the channel of your choice. Your security system can also be brought under the protective umbrella of Homey’s personal touch. Homey will speak with you and also with all of your wireless devices. Homey also features an app to allow you to connect with it remotely.