Have you ever asked yourself what is the gaming mouse? Who created it? And what major problems it solved? Now, this infographic about Top 10 Gaming Mouse Facts will answer all your questions. Behind every invention there is a problem which humankind face. When the first computer operating system (OS) was invented in 1973, engineers were faced with another problem, they needed some device to interact with the computer. So in 1973 Douglas Engelbart’s invention was first used with the Xerox Alto computer system, and they called this device a Mouse.

Since then the mouse has changed and now it looks completely different. Instead of a wooden shell they have a plastic unibody, laser and optical sensors have replaced mouse ball. New software was specifically designed for people with hand tremors called Steady Mouse. The software has gone through two updates and is still offered for free.

There are other stories and facts, which you must read in order to understand the history of gaming mouse and this infogrpahic is definitely the best guideline for mouse history.