We have it pretty good in the 21st century.

Between smartphones and self-driving cars, the technology we have seems to do a lot of what we used to do, but better.

While there are some that question this reliance on technology, most see it as progress and momentum of automation to allow humanity to focus on the more important things in life.


GPS In Everything

Nowadays, we have Global Positioning Systems in just about everything. From cars to planes to phones to watches – we’re never in trouble of losing where we are unless the batteries die. This ‘anywhere’ technology not only saves lives but it helps with transportation, business needs, and even medical emergencies. The wide scope of GPS’ reach has made our lives much, much easier.

Automatic Payment

It may seem lame but something like automatic payment or reminders have saved numerous people, from all walks of life, tons of money. Trying to recall every little expense and utility we have to pay can be daunting on the memory. Go paperless and go on auto-pay, and you’ll forget you’re even paying for it.


Just about everything has a remote locking system or mechanism to use while not it contact. This removal of hands on usage has helped us save time in every aspect of our lives from car door locks to home security systems. This technology extends further to things that used to require manual insertion such as a car key and now only require ‘push to start’.

Product Service Systems

While this might be an ancient type of system, the accurate tracking and communal aspect of the ride-sharing and bike sharing systems has been revolutionary. Between Uber and public bike sharing, people can get around easier (and cheaper) than ever.

In The Lab

Things like electric and air stirrers, like those from Arrow Engineering, have made an impact. Lab stirrers have helped everything from universities to laboratories. They make tasks much easier to complete and help companies get more accurate results.

Technology will continue to change and improve. It has made our lives and our jobs easier, and the future is bright.