I recently switched to the iPhone 6s Plus which meant I had to buy a new case for it. For those that have read these posts in the past, you know that I’m a sucker for iPhone cases – I don’t even know why but I love trying lots of different cases and finding the perfect one.

Below you’ll find a list of 5 of the best iPhone 6s Plus wallet cases that I’ve really enjoyed. The best part is, most of these are very affordable so you may decide you’d like to have more than one to fit different scenarios – I know I do!

Top 5 of the Best iPhone 6s Plus Wallet Cases

Exinoz Back Wallet Case

I’ve been using the Exinoz genuine leather back wallet case for about 2 weeks now and must say that one of my favorite minimalistic wallet cases I’ve used for the iPhone 6s Plus. The case fits tight and secure and provides a nice, elegant design without the extra bulk you commonly get with wallet cases for any phone.

With this case, you’ll enjoy:

  • Genuine Leather
  • Lightweight with no added bulk!
  • Complete edge projection (a big plus!)
  • Great accessibility to all your buttons, camera and ports
  • Will likely fit most charges, stands and docks with no problem.

The only downfall with a minimalistic iPhone wallet case like this is that you only fit 2-3 cards in the back or 1 card and some cash. This may not be a big deal to some especially those not wanting to add a lot of bulk to their phone yet still enjoy the luxury of an all-in-one case +wallet solution.


The Exinoz Back Wallet Case has a 4.1 out of 5 star rating on Amazon and comes in at an affordable $25.

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BookBook for iPhone 6s Plus

Twelve South is by far one of the best Apple only brands on the market today. While the products they make may not be the most affordable, in my opinion, they ARE the best in regards to construction, quality and craftsmanship.

For this reason, the BookBook has been my ‘go-to’ iPhone wallet case and the iPhone 6s Plus version is no exception. The unique vintage leather book-style look makes the BookBook stand out from the pack and day-to-day use proves this fact to its users on a regular basis. While the practical use does add a good bit of bulk to the phone, it’s truly the only wallet case I’ve used where I can carry all my cards, cash and business cards along with my phone.

What’s new in the iPhone 6s Plus BookBook?

  • The biggest difference is the new removable shell. This feature allows you to remove the phone itself from the wallet part of the case while still having a slim protective case around your phone. This will allow you to dock your phone on a charger or even a dashboard mount.
  • Another cool feature is the built-in hands-free viewing stand. Watching HD movies, using Facetime and even playing certain games is much easier especially with a larger phone.

What about the added bulk? It’s a good question and something you must consider when buying this case. While the bulk does give you the ability to carry everything in one nice accessory, it will add thickness to your phone and make it a bit harder taking calls. It’s just something you have to trade off for a case like this.

Now, as I’ve already mentioned, the removable shell option REALLY helps the bulk concern as you can remove it whenever you don’t want the added bulk but don’t want to switch cases altogether!


While the BookBook for iPhone 6s Plus is the most expensive case on this list, coming in at $60, you definitely get what you pay for. I agree that $60 is perhaps too much for even this case but I’ll be buying another one when I upgrade my phone to the iPhone 7 – take my money!! :)

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Verus Wallet Case

While I haven’t used this exact case on my newer iPhone 6s Plus, I did use this case on my iPhone 6 for months and can vouch for its quality and day-to-day use as a phone + wallet case. In fact, it’s one of my favorite thus far for my needs, daily use and ideal price point.

Features include:

  • Clean, professional looking design
  • Solid construction
  • Slim design but snug fit for phone security
  • Magnetic clip – which I NEVER had a problem with by the way!
  • Up to 3-4 credit cards + case
  • Complete phone projection – front to back + side to side + top to bottom
    • When this case was on my iPhone 6, I dropped it several times in which it protected from severe damage every time!


There’s a reason this case has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on Amazon – it’s a very popular case and the fact that it comes in under $20 is amazing!

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Exinoz Slim Wallet Case w/Stand

If you’re looking for a case that’s minimal, slim, and sexy but usable – you really should check-out this wallet case from Exinoz. This case is on my phone as I write this article and is another big favorite of mine.

There are several reasons this iPhone 6s Plus case lands within my top 5:

  • The construction overall is solid – while it’s affordable, it’s not cheaply made
  • This is a back wallet style cause, which I really like mainly because it keeps the overall size and bulk down
  • Most importantly, I’ve been able to squeeze 3-4 cards in at once, however, cash will probably have to remain in the pocket.
  • A huge plus to this case is the built-in kickstand which comes very handy quickly.
  • Slim yet protective

This is a very new case to the market so there are no reviews as of today but owning this case for several weeks now, I can tell that with confidence that I would repurchase this case in a second if I didn’t already own one.


You can buy this case on Amazon for $25 – very reasonable for a quality wallet case.

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ZVE Wallet Case

Here’s an interesting take on an iPhone 6s Plus wallet case. I purchased this guy a couple months back and started using it right away. I really liked that idea of carrying all the standard wallet items like cards and cash PLUS my work key – I must say, it worked well!

The only downside is no surprise, bulk and weight; adding more cards and a key does add bulk and weight which some may not like. Despite that, you simply cannot beat this cases protective features as it covers the phone completely, in fact, it’s probably the most protective case in this list.

Here’s a summary of features I liked:

  • Love the elastic band idea – it allows you to carry 6 cards + cash + a key.
  • This case comes with a nice kickstand which is always nice for the plus.
  • The grosgrain ribbon is very, very helpful making it super easy to access all your cards quickly (I wish more had this feature).
  • Protection is superior to most of the wallet cases I’ve reviewed!


This is a really great case and one you should consider. With a 4.3/5 star rating AND coming in at just $15.66, it’s most definitely one you can afford to buy and switch into when you’d like.

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That’s a wrap!

Are there any cases you’ve tried that’s not on this? Share them!