In an age when fitness is such a big concern for many people, the Fitbit Charge Activity + Sleep Wrist Monitor is a very useful tool.

It’s not just fitness that improves with the wearing of the device; its features are specifically designed to help improve energy levels in the wearer.

The Fitbit Charge enables users to monitor such vital daily information as level of exercise, sleep patterns and food intake.


Data that’s easy to read

The latest device from Fitbit allows for the storage of detailed facts and figures on a daily basis; there is the facility to keep this information stored for up to 7 days. Not only that, but the information is easy to read on a contemporary OLED screen. The clarity of the screen is accompanied by some other impressive features; including a battery life of seven days, and a strap that benefits from being resistant to water. It’s these thoughtful touches that help to make the Fitbit Charge a very useful piece of wearable technology.

Monitoring during sleep and waking hours

When the user is active the Fitbit Charge allows them to monitor their exercise by keeping a record of the number of steps they take, the number of floors they climb, the number of calories burnt during activity and the number of minutes they’re actually active for. For users wanting to improve their fitness levels, this measurement of fitness activity is a vital tool to have around.

Sleep is just as important as an energy determining factor. This well designed piece of wearable technology provides the user with a means by which to measure sleep patterns. The accompanying app assists with the analysis of the information.

A useful app for interaction with tablets and smartphones

The Fitbit Charge comes equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 technology, enabling users to interact with devices within a range of 20 feet. Using the mobile app helps to provide a complete experience to users. They can share performance successes with friends, and acquire rewards. The real benefit of this functionality is that it provides much needed individual motivation.

Dietary assistance

One of the things wearers of the device can share with others is food intake and dietary information. This enables peer support to take place, making the journey to improved fitness that much easier.

Why is the Fitbit Charge a star in the market?

In the field of wearable devices, Fitbit have really come good with their latest release. Not only does the wearer have some excellent measuring technology right at their fingertips, they also have the benefit of wearing a clean and contemporary looking device. Add to all of this the well thought out vibrating alarm, that allows for more natural waking, and you have a creatively maid wearable that has the technology and the style.