Keeping all your devices up and running while traveling and on the road can prove to be a difficult task. I actually went on a business trip to New York the past couple of days and quickly noticed that either the power stations in the airport were either already in use OR just nowhere to be found. While device batteries ARE getting better lastly all day – they still struggle to keep up with the average traveler who uses their devices for all things: business, entertainment, gaming, emails and of course, communication.

Exinoz Super Power Bank Review

If you find yourself in need of more power, you most definitely are going to find yourself in the market for a power bank. Now, with so many options on the market today, finding the perfect one that fits your lifestyle and needs may take some time but that is exactly why I like the Exinoz Super Power Bank with 20K mAh of power. Let’s dive in so I can explain:

Exinoz PortsThe Size: Big enough to keep everything charged for several days

So what does 20000mAh of power mean? It means this little device will:

  • Charge your smart phone anywhere from 7-9 times
  • Charge your tablet fully at least 3-4 times
    • And basically anything with a USB charger
  • Charge 2 devices at once
  • Charge everything QUICKLY

In terms of charging power, this is now lightweight. With this power bank, you won’t find yourself going back to the electrical well to charge IT so it can then charge your devices. In my experience, this power bank lasted several days, charged my phone multiple times and STILL had power left. You’ll find that most power bank will not give you this level of power nor would they ever last a full business trip without being charged again.

The Size: Lightweight and slim enough to travel with

While I was slightly taken back by the size of this power bank, I was very impressed by the slim and lightweight design. You’ll notice that the power bank is probably larger in size than ones you’ve seen before but will NOT notice the slightly extra weight while carrying it around. This was a BIG plus for me as I don’t want something that’s going to add a lot of real estate or weight to my already heavy travel bag.


When you first open the package of the Exinoz Super Power Bank you can immediately feel that the device is very solid in construction. While I haven’t put it through any stress tests, I don’t foresee anyone having any problems using this power bank on a regular basis. I checked for things like:

  • Did the USB slots feel solid when connecting and removing various cables? Yes.
  • Did the power indicator reflect the actual remaining power? It did!
  • Did the unit feel cheaply made? This is most definitely not the case.
  • Did the power button feel cheaply made? Not at all.
  • How impressed was I with the overall looks? Very, this is a sleek, modern designed power bank.

Exinoz PackagingThe Carrying Case

One thing I hate about the power bank I use today is the case used to store and carry it. Not many power bank manufactures put much thought in the carrying case with is unfortunate. This is definitely NOT the case for Exinoz. Under the power bank, you’ll find a very nice carrying case that acts as a companion to your phone while in use. The modern design will fit both male and female interests while keeping the device safe in the case of falls and in the mists of other devices in your bag or purse. In short, not only will you like the looks of this case but it’ll also keep your device safe from scratches and further potential damage.

Competitively Priced

Coming in just under $60, you will probably NOT find a better deal in the high capacity power bank market. Most comparable power banks are going to run you at least $75-$90.

Final thoughts

Honestly, if you’re in the market for a small 1-2 time use power bank that you can fit in your pocket or small purse, this is probably not the power bank for you. If you’re looking for something that will keep your devices charged on extended business trips, vacations, road trips, etc. and have a little bit of room to store it, then I would most definitely recommend the super power bank from Exinoz.

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