Dear iPhone 6 Users, Welcome to 2012

Image Credit: Ron Amadeo

Dear iPhone 6 Users,

Welcome to 2012! In 2012, Nexus 4 was released with a 4.7” screen, 760p resolution, NFC payments, notification actions, widgets, 3rd-party keyboards, typing suggestions, cross-app communication, cloud photo backup and battery status, all things you now get to enjoy in 2014.

In 2016, you guys will love: Wireless charging, water resistance, IR blasters, multi-user support, selectable default aps, aplit-screen apps, app installs from a browser, and virtual buttons!

If you need help with your iPhone’s new features, just as an Android user. We’ve had this stuff for years.

– Android Fan Boys

It’s true, Apple is always playing catch-up to Android and it’s perhaps the #1 annoyance that we have about Apple. The fact is, Apple claims to be “innovative” but rarley ever innovates anything but rather makes a really great copy of something already pretty awesome. For this reason, I’ve told myself each time a new iPhone is released that I would SWITCH TO ANDROID and abondaned the Apple fan-boy club.

Needless to say, I’ve already pre-ordered my iPhone 6! :)