Galaxy GTX 470 Video CardHere in review today is the Nvidia GeForce Galaxy GTX 470 video card and we are super excited to dive into the details, let’s get rolling…

Galaxy GTX 470

This nvidia graphics card is one of few entry-level, mid-priced cards that is perfect for average user looking to power some hardcore gaming and/or design related activities. There are however, many cards out there that give you much more power but not without the increased price-tag.


Overall, performance on the GTX 470 is a 4/5. It combines 1280 MB of GDDR5 memory with 607MHz graphics clock rate to perform almost every task you throw at it. The GeForce GTX 400 GPUs were design to deliver up to 8x the tessellation when compared to its competition which provides you with some very good frame rates to keep all those games running smoothly. Below are a handful of use specifications for the GTX 470:

Graphics Clock 607 MHz
Processor Clock 1215MHz
Memory Clock 1674 MHz
Memory Config 1280 MB GDDR5
OpenGL 4.1


Overall, price on the GTX 470 is a 3.5/5. Currently the Galaxy GTX 470 is running anywhere between $210 – $250 but can be bought cheaper when combined with some nice coupon codes, making this graphics card very affordable for this range.

Overall Galaxy GTX 470 Review

If your looking for a mid-ranged video card and possibly on a budget then the GTX 470 is defiantly one card you’ll want to consider, however, not something you’d want to consider if your really wanting to go to the ‘next level’ in graphics. Keep in mind, improved graphics always equals a higher price tag simply because getting a better card is only the first step; keep in mind power supply, motherboard and cooling.